Electronic Press Kit


Hate Moss is a post-punk, electroclash duo based in London formed by Tina (electronics and voice) and Ian (drums and voice).  

After releasing their first single Honey in June 2018 they have been touring in England, Brazil and Italy where they have played in alternative venues and festivals like Florence Tattoo Convention and Locomotiva Festival (São Paulo), sharing the stage with bands like Bogarins, Odradek, Menores Atos and Rakta.


“LIVE TWOTHOUSANDHATEIN” is the first Hate Moss LP.

The album was “accidentally recorded” at Relaxo Studio in Florence while the band had been invited for a video recording of their live acts for the Relaxo’s Hidden Session.

The result is a one take record of the band’s live show performance presented in their tour in Brazil and Italy during 2018.

The sounds are a blend of post-punk, rock and electronic music, influenced by the half-Italian, half-Brazilian heritage of the band, this is also strongly present in the lyrics which in most songs are a mix of different idioms.

Available on 12” vinyl, manufactured by cyclone music productions.

Side A: Hanged man – Funerale – Evil – Dis Pater – The time you remake – Mirror (part one) Side B: Mirror (part two) – Londres – Like me – Honey


All songs are composed and produced by HATE MOSS. Recorded by Andrea Nardoni and Alessandro Bianchi at Relaxo Studio. Mixed and engineered by Mauro Polito at Fine Arts Studios. Photos and Artwork by HATE MOSS. Alessandro Bianchi (Guitars: Londres/Dis Pater), Antonio Cavaliere (Bass: Londres), Lorenzo Lovasco (Bass: Funerale), Lorenzo Becattini (Bass: Dis Pater), Fabiano Benetton (Bass: Like Me), Mauro Polito (Synth/Programming), Uberto Rapisardi (Organ and Therevox: Funerale/Like Me/Dis Pater), Thiago Jorge (Guitar: Mirror), Lupo (vox: Hanged Man), Masha (vox: Hanged Man).

Released by DISCOS REBELDES and STOCK-A © 2019