Hate Moss is a post-punk, electroclash duo formed by Tina (electronics and voice) and Ian (drums and voice).

Their music is influenced by their Brazilian, Italian heritage and their lyrics are a blend of different idioms.

“Live Twothousandhatein” is the band first LP and has been released in May 2019 by their own label, Stock-a DIY – in which they promote also other national and international independent musicians – in collaboration with the South-American label Discos Rebeldes.

The LP has been registered in one take aiming to reproduce as vividly as possible the sensations of a live show in which instruments and voices melt naturally and always in a unique way.

The recording of the instruments (guitar, therevox, bass guitar etc.) has been entrusted to musicians close to the band: friends, colleagues and ex band mates living in Italy, UK and Brasil.

This choice also contributed to the idea of identify themselves as a blend of cultures and not specifically as Italian, Brazilian or English.

During the firsts two years of activity, the band got the chance to perform their music in a world tour having the possibility to play in Independent Festivals and also International Exhibition such as Venice Biennale and Locomotiva Festival, sharing the stage with names like Boogarins, Rakta and Ratos de Porão.

Always travelling, the project aims to get a stage wherever is possible, from the East to the West of the world.

During these tours the constant collaborations with other musicians represent a landmark for the band.

Photo by Nida Ozenir.