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Hate Moss is an Italo-Brazilian duo formed by Tina (voice and electronics) and Ian (voice and drums).

In 2017 Tina and Ian met in London (UK) and decided to start an independent label, Stock-a Records which then became Stock-a Production, a collective with the main focus of supporting emerging artists.

Their collaboration turned into a music project in 2018 with their first single together, “Honey”, followed by tours in Brazil, Italy and UK. Their first album, “LIVE TWOTHOUSANDHATEIN”, was released in May 2019 through their own label, and the band played in Spain, Portugal and Turkey.

Due to Covid-19 they had to cancel their first European Tour, which would have seen them perform in 7 countries with 15 shows.

Like many artists, the pandemic forced them to change plans. They released a single “Fog”, recorded, produced and released during their first lockdown in London, with an accompanying video, and then, during the summer of 2020, moved to Italy.

In May 2022 the second album “NaN” was released by Stock-a Productions and Before Sunrise Records (Brazil), followed by a one year tour around Europe, UK and Middle East.

Throughout 2023, the band played the album on over 150 stages across Europe, the UK, the Middle East, and South America.

During the same period, the duo invited fellow travelers and colleagues to remix or reinterpret the album NaN, which will then be printed in CD format and released digitally one track at a time throughout 2024.

The first part of 2024 saw Hate Moss engaged in a 12-date tour in South America, including Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile.

During their career, the band had the chance to play on many underground stages as well as at international festivals such as the Venice Biennale (IT), Locomotiva Festival (BR) Goiania Noise (BR), Indie Fest (Mexico) and Lockdown Action Festival (UK), where they shared the stage with artist like Rakta, Boogarins, Ratos de Porão, Brek, C’mon Tigre, La Elite and Billy Nomates.


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In computing, NaN (/næn/), means Not a Number, a data type that can be interpreted as a value that is undefined or unrepresentable.


The title represents the main theme of the album, which focuses on the alienation that arises when society treats human life as the result of a cold calculation.


“The inspirations range from The Prodigy and Massive Attack to Death Grips and Dead Can Dance. These are superimposed on the work of the great Italian traditional songwriters, such as De Andrè, and Brazilian composers such as Caetano Veloso.  We must also add the influences of the new beats of Rio funk, drone guitars and Turkish flutes.”

All songs are written and composed by Hate Moss.


Recorded by Hate Moss and In a sleeping mood.


Produced and mixed by In a sleeping mood and Hate Moss.


Mastered by Jason Mitchell at Loud Mastering Studios – UK

Released by Stock-a Productions | Before Sunrise 

PRESS - nan

“…this is a unique mixture of genres and moods that results in something fresh and unusual all of its own.”

– Louder than war (UK)


“…Their male-female vocals, broad palette and lyrics in each language give NaN a sense of the familiar, skewed at unexpected angles.”

– Metro (UK)


“Sono un progetto anomalo e sfuggente, difficilmente incastonabile all’interno di un genere o di una scena. Un duo italo-brasiliano dalle multiformi influenze culturali e territoriali.”

– MTV (Italy)


“O sincretismo cultural, já presente em seus primeiros trabalhos, tornou-se ainda mais forte pela fusão de diferentes estilos musicais e idiomas. Em NaN, a Hate Moss abraça uma abordagem musical mais comercial, mas sem renunciar às questões sociais presentes em suas letras.”

– TMDQA (Brazil)


“Pensar” video clip has been officially selected by

the “Lugano Animation Days” (CH) and “The Lift-Off Global Network”(UK) festivals.


live twothousandhatein

The sounds are a mixture of post-punk, rock and electronic music
influenced by the band cultural heritages.


The recording of the instruments (guitar, therevox,
bass guitar etc) has been entrusted to musicians close to the band:
friends, colleagues and ex band mates living in Italy, UK and Brazil.



Recorded by Andrea Nardoni and Alessandro Bianchi at Relaxo Studio.


Mixed and engineered by Mauro Polito at Fine Arts Studios.


Photos and Artwork by HATE MOSS.


Released by DISCOS REBELDES and STOCK-A productions © 2019

PRESS - Lthi

“Interferences, glitches, tempering, and it is with Dis Pater that the right dimension has been found, saturating drums, rhytms and going a bit out of control.”

– Rumore Magazine (IT)


“The duo’s debut album merges, in an experimental mood, Brazilian and Italian music with indie, post-punk and electroclash sounds that results in a handful of relaxed and unpretentious songs sung in English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.”

– Bodyspace.net (PT)


“Post-industrial atmospheres connected with our most intimates musical roots, managing to combine Mediterranean folk armonies and the pressing rhythms imbued with Latin America with the dystopian and electro-pop digressions typical of the clubs of the North-European metropolies.”

– Indie For Bunnies (Italy)


“The name of the band alone should make you love them. This Brazilian/Italian duo are based in London, and I think if I still lived in London, they would be THAT band that I constantly go see.”

– Beat In My Bones (UK)